SAP Business One Object Types

A list of Object Types, also known as Transaction Types available in SAP Business One SDK.

Member Value Description
oChartOfAccounts 1 ChartOfAccounts object
oBusinessPartners 2 BusinessPartners object
oBanks 3 Banks object
oItems 4 Items object
oVatGroups 5 VatGroups object
oPriceLists 6 PriceLists object
oSpecialPrices 7 SpecialPrices object
oItemProperties 8 ItemProperties object
oUsers 12 Users object
oInvoices 13 Documents object that represents a sales invoice document
oCreditNotes 14 Documents object that represents a sales credit note document
oDeliveryNotes 15 Documents object that represents a sales delivery note document
oReturns 16 Documents object that represents a sales return document
oOrders 17 Documents object that represents a sales order document
oPurchaseInvoices 18 Documents object that represents a purchase invoice document
oPurchaseCreditNotes 19 Documents object that represents a purchase credit note document
oPurchaseDeliveryNotes 20 Documents object that represents a purchase delivery note document
oPurchaseReturns 21 Documents object that represents a a purchase return document
oPurchaseOrders 22 Documents object that represents a purchase order document
oQuotations 23 Documents object that represents a sales quotation document
oIncomingPayments 24 Payments object
oJournalVouchers 28 JournalVouchers object
oJournalEntries 30 JournalEntries object that represents a normal journal entry
oStockTakings 31 StockTaking object
oContacts 33 Contacts object
oCreditCards 36 CreditCards object
oCurrencyCodes 37 Currencies object
oPaymentTermsTypes 40 PaymentTermsTypes object
oBankPages 42 BankPages object
oManufacturers 43 Manufacturers object
oVendorPayments 46 Payments object that represents payments to vendors
oLandedCostsCodes 48 LandedCostsCodes object
oShippingTypes 49 ShippingTypes object
oLengthMeasures 50 LengthMeasures object
oWeightMeasures 51 WeightMeasures object
oItemGroups 52 ItemGroups object
oSalesPersons 53 SalesPersons object
oCustomsGroups 56 CustomsGroups object
oChecksforPayment 57 ChecksforPayment object
oInventoryGenEntry 59 Documents object for entering general items to inventory
oInventoryGenExit 60 Documents object for removing general items from inventory
oWarehouses 64 Warehouses object
oCommissionGroups 65 CommissionGroups object
oProductTrees 66 ProductTrees object
oStockTransfer 67 StockTransfer object
oWorkOrders 68 WorkOrders object
oCreditPaymentMethods 70 CreditPaymentMethods object
oCreditCardPayments 71 CreditCardPayments object
oAlternateCatNum 73 AlternateCatNum object
oBudget 77 Budget object
oBudgetDistribution 78 BudgetDistribution object
oMessages 81 Messages object
oBudgetScenarios 91 BudgetScenarios object
oSalesOpportunities 97 SalesOpportunities object
oUserDefaultGroups 93 UserDefaultGroups object
oSalesStages 101 SalesStages object
oActivityTypes 103 ActivityTypes object
oActivityLocations 104 ActivityLocations object
oDrafts 112 Documents object that represents a draft document
oDeductionTaxHierarchies 116 DeductionTaxHierarchies object
oDeductionTaxGroups 117 DeductionTaxGroups object
oAdditionalExpenses 125 AdditionalExpenses object
oSalesTaxAuthorities 126 SalesTaxAuthorities object
oSalesTaxAuthoritiesTypes 127 SalesTaxAuthoritiesTypes object
oSalesTaxCodes 128 SalesTaxCodes object
oQueryCategories 134 QueryCategories object
oFactoringIndicators 138 FactoringIndicators object
oPaymentsDrafts 140 Payments object
oAccountSegmentations 142 AccountSegmentations object
oAccountSegmentationCategories 143 AccountSegmentationCategories object
oWarehouseLocations 144 WarehouseLocations object
oForms1099 145 Forms1099 object
oInventoryCycles 146 InventoryCycles object
oWizardPaymentMethods 147 WizardPaymentMethods object
oBPPriorities 150 BPPriorities object
oDunningLetters 151 DunningLetters object
oUserFields 152 UserFieldsMD object
oUserTables 153 UserTablesMD object
oPickLists 156 PickLists object
oPaymentRunExport 158 PaymentRunExport object
oUserQueries 160 UserQueries object
oMaterialRevaluation 162 MaterialRevaluation object
oCorrectionPurchaseInvoice 163 Documents object that represents a purchase invoice correction document
oCorrectionPurchaseInvoiceReversal 164 Documents object that represents a reverse purchase invoice correction document
oCorrectionInvoice 165 Documents object that represents a correction invoice document
oCorrectionInvoiceReversal 166 Documents object that represents a reverse invoice correction document
oContractTemplates 170 ContractTemplates object
oEmployeesInfo 171 EmployeesInfo object
oCustomerEquipmentCards 176 CustomerEquipmentCards object
oWithholdingTaxCodes 178 WithholdingTaxCodes object
oBillOfExchangeTransactions 182 BillOfExchangeTransaction object
oKnowledgeBaseSolutions 189 KnowledgeBaseSolutions object
oServiceContracts 190 ServiceContracts object
oServiceCalls 191 ServiceCalls object
oUserKeys 193 UserKeysMD object
oQueue 194 Queue object
oSalesForecast 198 SalesForecast object
oTerritories 200 Territories object
oIndustries 201 Industries object
oProductionOrders 202 ProductionOrders object
oPackagesTypes 205 PackagesTypes object
oUserObjectsMD 206 UserObjectsMD object
oTeams 211 Teams object
oRelationships 212 Relationships object
oUserPermissionTree 214 UserPermissionTree object
oActivityStatus 217 ActivityStatus object
oChooseFromList 218 ChooseFromList object
oFormattedSearches 219 FormattedSearches object
oAttachments2 221 Attachments2 object
oUserLanguages 223 UserLanguages object
oMultiLanguageTranslations 224 MultiLanguageTranslations object
oDynamicSystemStrings 229 DynamicSystemStrings object
oHouseBankAccounts 231 HouseBankAccounts object
oBusinessPlaces 247 BusinessPlaces object
oLocalEra 250 LocalEra object
oSalesTaxInvoice 280 Sales tax invoice object
oPurchaseTaxInvoice 281 Purchase tax invoice object
BoRecordset 300 Recordset object
BoBridge 305 SBObob object
oNotaFiscalUsage 260 NotaFiscalUsage object
oNotaFiscalCFOP 258 NotaFiscalCFOP object
oNotaFiscalCST 259 NotaFiscalCST object
oClosingDateProcedure 261 ClosingDateProcedure object
oBusinessPartnerGroups 10 BusinessPartnerGroups object
oBPFiscalRegistryID 278 BPFiscalRegistryID object
oDownPayments 203 Documents object that represents a down payments document
oPurchaseDownPayments 204 Documents object that represents a purchase down payments document
oStockTransferDraft 1179 StockTransfer draft object
oPurchaseQuotations 540000006 Documents object that represents a purchase quotation document
oInventoryTransferRequest 1250000001 StockTransfer request object
oPurchaseRequest 1470000113

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